Firefly's Kirsty Maynor running a leadership session

Igniting better
futures, today

Specialists in organisational culture
change and leadership development.

At Firefly, we work with you - not for you - to co-create the change that you’re looking for and exceed the limits of what you thought was possible. By extending our reach to every corner of your organisation, we’ll create a ripple effect which benefits individuals, teams, the wider organisation and the community as a whole.

For over 12 years, Firefly has worked with individuals and organisations across a range of sectors. We’re uniquely positioned to understand each sector’s dynamics and challenges – and it also reflects our belief in the power of collaboration and cross-pollination. We love to share our learnings, insights, case studies and news with you.

Passionate about our clients

Our experienced, imaginative team is bursting with talent and creativity, and ready to challenge and support you in the pursuit of your vision. Instead of trying to solve your organisational problems overnight, we’ll empower your leaders by giving them the tools they need to create, navigate and sustain meaningful organisational and behavioural change for themselves and their teams.

Dedicated to collaboration

Our individual, end-to-end solutions offer so much more than conventional management training. We won’t provide a sticking plaster approach, prescribe one-dimensional or temporary solutions, or massage egos. Instead, we’ll dig deep to find your mission and purpose, help you identify key strategic outcomes and teach you how to overcome organisational barriers.

The only partner you need to improve organisational outcomes through leadership, behaviour and culture change.