About Us

At Firefly we partner with you as leaders to create a better future for you, your organisation and everyone who you reach. We believe the future is full of powerful and exciting possibilities. But to reach that future, you need to grow deeply. This, in essence, is the philosophy behind our entire approach to leadership coaching. 

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From our base in Edinburgh, Scotland, we work with clients across the world. You’ll find out more about who we are on the following pages. But right from the start we want to say that part of what defines us is what we’d never do at Firefly.

Who we’re not

We don’t do conventional management training - although this may be the catalyst for a client to seek us out; we’re here to help you work it out. We don’t do learning for learning’s sake. We never do anything passive, prescriptive or one-dimensional. We don’t do superficial sticking plasters for leadership problems and we don’t body shop to plug gaps. We won’t collude with clients and massage egos yet we don’t let you play small. We stand by all these commitments because they’re integral to our approach, ensuring clients experience the greatest impact on their development, their organisations and their communities.

Professionally accredited development specialists

In the unregulated world of leadership coaching, Firefly stands out for many reasons. One is the fact that all our development specialists are high-flying leaders in their own right. So they ‘get’ you as a leader in a way that others can’t. Another is our professionalism and proven development expertise thanks to training, accreditation and years of experience.

  • We are all fully trained Co-Active coaches
  • Our experienced coaches are all professionally accredited with the International Coaching Federation.
  • We are accredited in a range of complementary approaches and tools including NLP, Dialogue, Neuroscience and Clean language.
  • Between us we have over 100 years of leadership development experience and 6,000 coaching hours.