Leader Of The Future Award

We are delighted to announce the launch of the first Leader of the Future Award. This award is designed to identify leaders throughout the UK who have the potential to grow and deepen their impact in the world.

Launched in February 2014 our new Leader of the Future Award identifies sparkling leaders throughout the UK who can grow and deepen their impact in the world. It’s a way for us to reach out to talented leaders who we wouldn’t normally find. We want to partner with them in developing their leadership, affecting communities with the Firefly ripple effect.

Our reach for entrants extends beyond our client base into wider community organisations. We’re doing it to locate the brightest and best leaders for development, who we otherwise wouldn’t reach. They’ll benefit from our partnership approach to deepen their impact on the world. Over the years, the Award will create a pool of leaders who can together build a coalition for change. 

Our Award is an exciting new collaborative project, harnessing the power of our clients as mentors, our strategic partners as promoters, our suppliers such as the Leadership Circle Profile and, of course, Firefly as coaches for the winners. 

2014 Shortlist

Chris Sellar

Chris made a strong overall impression, and his passion came across strongly. He demonstrates his attitude to lifelong learning and to volunteering and his ability to build strong connections. The award scheme will help Chris become clearer about his vision and the articulation of his intended impact alongside building a support network to stretch himself more. Chris is passionate about bringing sport to young people as a way to increase opportunities.

Sean Barry

Sean impressed through all the achievements he has made to date. He shows a willingness, passion and desire to succeed, ensuring his efforts are for the greater good. He founded the social enterprise, Bridge 8 Hub, offering outdoor experiences to people from all backgrounds. The judges identified that Sean would benefit from the programme by focussing him on his key strengths to create a bigger impact as a result. 

Alex McQuiston

Having been previously awarded “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2014, Alex quickly demonstrated that he is keen to work very hard to make a bigger impact and is extremely enthusiastic to succeed. The award scheme will support Alex in realising his vision and creating a wider impact, and focus specifically on how he can broaden his target to communicate to a greater audience. Alex created a classical music festival in Dumfries and Galloway and is known as being a creative inspiration.