Our Philosophy And Approach

At Firefly our philosophy drives every aspect of our leadership development service. Ultimately, by developing leaders we’re helping their organisations achieve the greatest impact on their communities… making a difference is our passion. This big picture focus is highly distinctive in the world of leadership development solutions; we’re no ordinary business with no ordinary business model. Here, we explain how Firefly is unique and uses a ripple effect to reach the wider community.

Our vision: our leadership solutions will be world shaping

Our entire business is fuelled by our vision - and that is achieved through our clients. Our unique approach means we can respond to the global trends affecting our clients. And this is what gives our solutions the potential to be world shaping. In short, we understand what the leaders of the future will need so we can develop these qualities and skills today. It’s why we started our Leader of the Future Award.

Our responsible co-active business model

We are responsible and conscious in the way we work. Our approach is wholly Co-Active. We know this sounds like jargon. So, in plain English: Co-Active means everyone leans in 100% and is intimately involved in the solutions produced; our clients are fully involved even in the design of their solution. In our Co-Active business model, everyone is seen as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Everyone flexes to respond to what comes up in the moment. Together we create agenda and purpose - and everyone draws on the benefits of this.  We are known for being a business that doesn’t hide from difficult conversations, we fully practice what we preach and we are always growing individually and collectively.

Delivered by a high impact experienced team

We believe leaders are the best people to develop leaders. Our people were brought strategically into our business because they will take our clients where they want to go; their core capabilities support our collective growth. As well as being leaders in their own right they are fully trained and experienced development specialists, and we continually invest in them and support their professional growth.

Empowered by tailored products and services

From a rich backdrop of theory, the latest understanding of leadership learning, decades of leadership experience and knowledge and understanding, we developed our system of tailored products and services. Every Firefly leadership development solution is a unique blended approach, designed to achieve the client’s desired outcomes. All of our work is based on Relationships Systems Intelligence. This goes further than emotional and social intelligence to explain the dynamics between the people present, including those created by your relationship with yourself. This cutting edge coaching approach is built on a huge range of material distilled down into a highly practical way to work. It draws on the collective wisdom of the group, using it to support systemic transformation. 

In partnership with client organisations across the sectors

We partner with a broad range of organisations and help them to tackle their biggest challenges in a deeply impactful, transformative way. As you can see in our case studies we are passionate about working with leaders from a very wide variety of backgrounds: a good fit for us is about shared attitudes, not particular sectors. We work best with organisations that have appetite and see broader horizons… where people are at their core and leadership learning really matters… where there’s recognition of being connected to a bigger whole.

Igniting better futures

Our strategic leadership consulting isn’t just a job. We do this because we want to make a difference. It’s the beat of Firefly’s heart. By working with leaders they go on and make their organisations more effective, and this in turn enhances the impact they have on their communities.