Responsible Business

Responsibility is built into the very heart of our business, eclipsing conventional CSR.

A strong sense of responsibility infuses everything: the design of our leadership development products and services… the clients we want to work with… our strategy and business model… everyday decisions and actions. And we’re reflective so we measure where we are strong and see where we need to improve.

Making a difference to communities: our core business purpose

When we founded Firefly it was never to offer ‘management training’ or ‘coaching’ with transactional services that can create client dependency. On the contrary, Firefly was created to partner deeply with individuals and organisations for the purpose of large scale, socially responsible transformation. Our approach to leadership development focuses on supporting leaders to deepen their impact within their wider organisation, strengthening the organisation’s effectiveness and making a difference to their communities.

To illuminate this further, the way we describe our targeted leaders in our strategic plan reveals much about our approach. Rather than categorise our prime clients according to their sector, we look at the communities they impact - for example, the service community, pioneering community or authenticity community. We intentionally work with those leaders who will have the greatest impact in their organisation and the wider world. Self-sustaining leadership development across all three sectors is our aim.

Our approach is rapidly gaining recognition with independent organisations such as Scottish Business in the Community. We’re an active member of this body and also Arts & Business Scotland.

We believe in doing the right thing

  1. Defining our overall business approach, we anchored CSR from the outset.
  2. We leverage our core business capability to positively impact the community.
  3. We work in partnership with others to extend our reach.
  4. Our flexible, agile business model supports rapid and sustainable growth.

“Firefly have shown immense determination and visioning to plan the sustainability of the company into the very core and values of its operation. Firefly demonstrates the true integrity that many large companies could learn from.”

Alistair Rankine
Scottish Business in the Community