What Our Clients Say

“Firefly worked hard to understand our wider business and were very insightful in that respect. This meant that they could generalise from the coaching exercise into wider advice for the leadership team about aspects where we could adapt and improve the organisation to better support our key people. Our experience of working with Firefly was frictionless, productive and professional.”

Mark Logan


“Firefly has provided energy and enthusiasm, creativity and a great depth of understanding on how to extract the most from large workshops to smaller focus group conversations.

Having completed three of the seven roadshows planned for around Scotland we have been highly impressed with the various facilitation skills and communication styles used to get the most from very different environments that have had collective and variable issues to be addressed.”

Carl Watt
Arts & Business Scotland 


“The work we have done with Firefly has been central to building the effectiveness of our new leadership team. As we brought together staff from very different predecessor organisations to form the leadership team for our new agency, Firefly ensured that we didn’t skim over the major challenges which developing a new organisational culture presented. The deep exploration of where individuals were coming from, and where we now need to go to develop a strong collective leadership approach has given us an excellent basis to go forward and I am sure it has been instrumental in ensuring a successful transition and the growing impact of our new organisation nearly three years on.”

Bill Maxwell
Education Scotland


“As a result of the team coaching I think it does feel more like a team because we’ve agreed what we’re doing and what we want to be known for. We don’t go through needless debate. We know we have shared values and a shared purpose. We are more thinking of consequences and tactics rather than guessing if everyone is on the same page. I certainly feel more willing to ask for help because I specifically got the feedback that they wanted to help me. It feels liberating - not carrying it all myself.”

Public Sector Organisation


“I’ve done loads of coaching. I really believe in it as a process – it’s a bit like an MOT for me. What’s been different this time? I have never worked with someone who had so much belief and faith in what I can achieve, before even getting to know me. When you’re struggling to get things right in your head, it feels really odd to find a stranger who holds you higher than you hold yourself. After a while, it feels amazing. There is an authentic and deep care in this organisation that pervades the work they do with you. If you really want to start believing in yourself and / or know you can do greater things than you are doing today, you need to go and say hello. They’ll take it from there.”

Danielle Macleod


“Firefly has shown immense determination and visioning to plan the sustainability of the company into the very core and values of its operation. Firefly demonstrates the true integrity that many large companies could learn from.”

Alistair Rankine
Scottish Business in the Community