Memories of Voom Stage 1

Jun 4, 2016

The daring and the courage - do we enter the arena or stay small?

The choice to dive in, to record a 90 second video and pitch to the world.

The first 100 votes, and into the top 80.

The emails, texts and phone calls - will you support us to help healthcare leaders go further faster?

The rollercoaster of the last 3 days - up, up, up, down, down, down.

Do we keep trying or admit defeat?

When is a stake stubborn stupidity?

We go for it, we give it our all.

We mobilise and we find superheroes to help secure more votes.

The last few hours, we’ve done what we can.

Linked in on Zoom, waiting for Voom.

A global support clan, gathering strong.

From Iceland to Romania, encircled in people who believe in this work.

“Good luck, it’s needed, you’ve got something here.”


2 June 2016