Voom Round 2
Pitch Perfect? Pitch the best I could do.

Jun 6, 2016

The night before, the shadows, the darkness, the doubt.

I was convinced I was going to fuck up, to fail and to show what really lies beneath.

Knew I would let people down, believed they wouldn’t love me any more once they saw the truth.

I wanted to run, to escape and to hide.  I wanted to give up and to fade into the distance.

I didn’t want to be in the spotlight, didn’t want the risk or the pressure.

I didn’t want to go down in a ball of flames in front of the world.

I wanted out.

It wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t enough.

But I stayed, I comforted myself, I reached out as much as I could,

And I remembered my purpose, my stake in it all.

To do this for my clients, to help us reach more; to make a difference.

That it wasn’t about me, it was about them and a bigger cause.

That I could only do my best, could only tell the story I have to tell.

So I stayed, and I wrote and I knew it was enough.  Not great, but enough.

And I slept and the new dawn came.

The day of big stuff, of connections, of being seen, of not hiding.

And I let Edith in, let her create with me from the core;

Built on the foundations and fine tuned for the floor.

The rest is a blur, adrenalin and rush.

The Hoxton hotel where every fibre of every human was alive.

The chance to tell a tale, to share and explore.

The infusion of options, of ideas and more.

Everyone vooming - in their own ways.

Day and night blurring into a haze.

I did what I could, was in flow and at ease.

The energy carried me,

I couldn’t do more.

So was it enough?

Well, enough for what?

To get to the semi-finals only time will tell.

To tell the Firefly story, celebrate our clients and set the stage for more, 100% yes.

I did what I could.  I was enough.  I am good.


4 June 2016