Creating Cultural Change

To be effective, change needs to come from within. Our Relationships Systems approach has been proven to be deeply effective in creating cultural change. We support individuals and teams as they move together in the new direction, while addressing the deeper issues, resistance and cultural barriers to the change.

How to create change

Every organisation has a culture, whether this is intentionally managed or not. It’s both tangible and intangible and results from complex behaviours, values and approaches. Our experience has taught us that organisational culture change has to be achieved through a combination of behavioural change, processes and systems… viewed as a whole. It’s like a metamorphosis.

We work deeply and intimately with you and your fellow leaders to help create transformation that is aligned to your organisational vision. And we’ll only deliver what you can’t provide in-house. 

Organisations encounter numerous triggers for change, both external and internal. It could be the need to anchor the original culture as you grow or embed new cultural dimensions due to a repositioning in the market.

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Key People

Case Studies

Hyper-growth technology travel company Skyscanner had identified key individuals who would support the future growth of the business and wanted to provide an accelerated growth programme to take them into the future.

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