Increasing Collaboration

At Firefly we’re adept at increasing collaboration because we understand the complex dynamics at work in teams and their interactions in the wider organisation. What’s more, we see these systems as naturally resolving, thanks to the model of coaching we use: innovative Relationships Systems Intelligence.

How to achieve greater impact

Teams need to move beyond polite conversation to a place of generative dialogue to make any progress towards their overall aims. And tackling the biggest challenges in our world will take cross-boundary collaboration.

It all starts with knowing how best to work creatively with people around you - and that can feel difficult if your team feels inherently dysfunctional. But we believe no challenge is insurmountable. We help individual leaders and leadership teams learn the skillset and mindset they need to collaborate. 

Sometimes, increasing collaboration is as simple as holding up the mirror so your team can see what’s already happening within the team.

What would you see if we held up the mirror right now? Contact us to discuss this further.

Key People

Case Studies

Scottish Ambulance Service had experienced significant changes in personnel within the Executive Team. In moving to more patient-centred service delivery, within a context of reducing public spending and aging population with more complex needs, the organisation faced considerable challenges in transforming services. 

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