Increasing Resilience

Knocks and setbacks are inevitable and leaders and organisations are stronger when they can bounce back quickly and effectively. We believe that increasing resilience is about aligning your values and vision with your strengths while challenging limiting beliefs and balancing out your inner dialogue.

How to align your vision and strengths

As much as your own personal buoyancy, leaders need to increase organisational resilience - especially given the Global Meta Trends, listed below, which are affecting every organisation to one degree or another.

So what does leadership resilience look like? Leaders are clear about their vision and purpose - and they also know their strengths and can manage their inner dialogue so it supports not inhibits them. We’ll work with you to address any elements that may be holding you back. Increasing resilience is an iterative process. It can’t just be tackled in one session because changing limiting beliefs and your responses takes time.

Sometimes, we’ll also need to help you to tackle cultural issues in an organisation such as reward structures that promote heroic behaviour rather than the best response.

So what’s holding you back from faster recovery? Contact us to discuss this further.

Global meta trends and leadership challenges 

Accelerating Globalisation
Adapting global strategies for local markets, embracing cultural diversity.

Climate Change
Resource scarcity, balancing competing demands, finding new ways of intra and inter company collaboration with teams rather than individual solutions.

Individualisation and Values Pluralism
Increasingly diverse employees, fostering inter-generational, inter-cultural collaboration, encouraging women and ‘other minorities’ into leadership.

Demographic Change
Integrating individual personal and professional goals, recalibrating criteria for leadership, generating new ways of engendering loyalty.

Increasing Digital Lifestyles
Leading remotely and with ‘digital wisdom’, fostering high levels of openness, integrity and sincerity to operate in a transparent world.

Technological Convergence
Encouraging innovation and collaboration, leaders as advocates of visionary ideas, rather than being ‘experts’, being open to harnessing expertise, inside and out.


Key People

Case Studies

Chief Executives of not for profit organisations face unprecedented challenges to their personal and organisational resilience.  As a membership organisation, ACOSVO wants to support leaders to develop their resilience and to encourage networking and collaboration. CEOs in these roles often also feel isolated and under-supported.

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