Supporting Sustainable Growth

Achieving a sustainable growth rate is anchored in the ability to stay focused on your future vision while engaging fully with the realities of today. Our uniquely blended approach to leadership development effects deep transformation, enabling your leaders to make the most of your rapid business growth.

Hyper growth demands accelerated leadership development

Over years of working with high growth clients we know that stress and pressure frequently cause anxiety and insecurity for leaders. Sustainable growth is about leadership support, making sure you retain and grow your key people, and bringing in new people in a way that helps them fit in. The leader of the future needs to be equipped to handle their growing responsibilities while supporting their staff. 

Our approach at Firefly is anchored in global meta trends: the challenges they present to organisations today - and the implications for leaders tomorrow. Our collaborative partner approach and the way we support our clients ensure effective and rapid development, because we hold the whole system while we work with individuals and teams. We’ll help boost confidence, create stability and develop the skillsets, toolsets and mindsets to take your leaders and your whole organisation into the future.

Sometimes, you need to pause and lean back before you can spring forwards.

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Case Studies

Hyper-growth technology travel company Skyscanner had identified key individuals who would support the future growth of the business and wanted to provide an accelerated growth programme to take them into the future.

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