Executive Coaching
A learning partnership

Our preferred name for one-to-one executive coaching at Firefly is learning partnerships. We treat you, the client, as an equal partner, because this way you’ll achieve a deeper and richer transformation in your leadership. 

The process starts with our preparation and planning and ends with a shared evaluation. And even though it will be such a close journey, you won’t feel dependent on your coach. We empower you to be self-sustaining; our coaching relationships never need to extend beyond one year. 

Dynamic, creative, inspiring and energising

At Firefly our executive coaching is different in many ways. All our work is underpinned by Co-Active Learning and Relationships Systems Coaching.

  • Our leadership profiling tools are used as appropriate and we blend this ‘masculine’ analytical foundation with the ‘feminine’ of caring intuition. You could call it tough love: we support you as you stretch further. It won’t always feel comfortable but it’s always secure - and sometimes creative and fun!
  • Firefly people are all leaders in their own right. We’re not just professionally trained executive coaches. You’ll notice the difference because we understand your challenges from the inside out.
  • As well as our planned sessions, you can call, text or connect with us whenever you feel the need.
  • We intentionally take a cross-sectoral approach, drawing on our wealth of experience of co-creating approaches that have helped leaders in different contexts to face similar challenges: the antidote to ‘silo’ thinking and clichéd solutions.  
  • We’re flexible enough to combine our resources and approaches with your own leadership frameworks and competences.

By unlocking your creativity and resources, you, in turn, can develop teams that are increasingly resourceful and contribute in new and meaningful ways. This frees you up to focus on strategic management, instead of fire fighting. 

When executive coaching is most effective

  • To increase performance
  • At key transition stages for the person or the organisation
  • To increase confidence, resilience, wellbeing and manage stress
  • At times of accelerated growth
  • To prepare for promotion

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What Our Clients Say

I’ve done loads of coaching. I really believe in it as a process – it’s a bit like an MOT for me. What’s been different this time? I have never worked with someone who had so much belief and faith in what I can achieve, before even getting to know me. When you’re struggling to get things right in your head, it feels really odd to find a stranger who holds you higher than you hold yourself. After a while, it feels amazing. There is an authentic and deep care in this organisation that pervades the work they do with you. If you really want to start believing in yourself and / or know you can do greater things than you are doing today, you need to go and say hello. They’ll take it from there.

Danielle Macleod, BSkyB
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Case Studies

As a senior executive in a fast paced communications and high tech company, Danielle was looking to get clarity on her leadership purpose and her career path. She wanted to make a conscious choice about her next career move and to really connect with her true leadership style.

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