Leadership Profiling
Blended for deeper insights

We use a broad range of leadership profiling tools, blended as appropriate to support all our work. And because at Firefly we’re all leaders too, we can take you through a very meaningful debrief and reflective process, ensuring the greatest benefit.  

Profiling tools can help to:

  • Increase self-awareness - and understand how others see you
  • Underpin the process of setting a vision
  • Accelerate and support a strengths-based leadership programme
  • Create a core language to use across a team or your whole organisation

Some of the profiling tools we use

We are currently the only business based in Scotland to use Realise2 Profiles and the Leadership Circle Profile as core development tools.

Realise2 Strengths Profile
What energises you as a leader? Realise2 Strengths Profile scopes out your strengths but goes further to identify your unrealised strengths, which energise you yet may not be being used to full effect in the way you lead. We highlight where you could use these to maximum effect. 

Leadership Circle Profile
This is like your leadership DNA. It provides 360° feedback on your creative and reactive leadership styles - when you play to win or play not to lose. It’s based on adult stages of development and forms the evidence base for your reflective practice as a leader and is used as the basis for executive coaching and long lasting transformation.  

Leadership Culture Survey
This is the team version of the individual Leadership Circle Profile. Think of it as an MRI scan of a leadership team. It enables a team to understand where they are and where they want to be, and is the basis for group and team coaching

Our team members are also accredited in a range of other tools that can be used as and when needed, including DiSC and Behavioural Propensity Profiling.

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What Our Clients Say

The profile helped me explore areas of myself that I hadn’t appreciated or understood in the past. Especially the way I interacted with others and what I did/didn’t like from an interaction point of view (wanting to get things done, rather than faffing around…).

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Case Studies

Hyper-growth technology travel company Skyscanner had identified key individuals who would support the future growth of the business and wanted to provide an accelerated growth programme to take them into the future.

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