Improving strategic capability and cohesion from the top-down.

A briefing for the firefly team during a workshop

The board plays a crucial role in any organisation: providing strategic direction; supporting and challenging the executive team; ensuring delivery of KPIs and advocating for stakeholders and the wider community. Which is why ongoing learning and development is every bit as important for board members as it is for the rest of the organisation. 

At Firefly, we  offer a range of board development strategies, from one-⁠off board retreats and development days, to more in-depth series of coaching sessions. We also work with individual board members - and relationships between individuals - to improve motivation, loyalty and trust. We’ll take the time to understand the culture, values and goals of your organisation, so that we can provide your board with the help they need to strengthen strategic capability, improve team cohesion and reinforce their relationship with the executive.

Kirsty worked with us to facilitate our annual board away days. She invested a lot of time upfront developing relationships with the non-exec and exec team that meant we were able to hit the ground running when we met in person for the first time since the pandemic, with the arrival of a new Chair. She was responsive to what the team needed, recognising when plans needed to change and adapt to what was required to get the most out of our time together. She had a variety of tools up her sleeve to make the time away as effective as it could be. Her pragmatic, warm and insightful approach was really valuable.

Head of Strategy, UK Regulatory Body