Empowering you to transform your internal coaching capability.

Kirsty Maynor standing at a bookshelf

At Firefly, we design, develop and deliver online and in-person internal coach CPD (continuous professional development) as standalone workshops, as part of an integrated curriculum or as a one-day Festival of Learning for internal coaches. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Contracting

  • Working with emotions in coaching

  • Coaching the person not just the topic

  • Courageous coaching

  • Completions and endings

  • Three-way conversations in coaching

  • Values and creative coaching 

We are also delighted to partner with In Good Company Ltd to offer accredited internal coach training to our clients. Founded by Jo Wheatley and Zoe Hawkins, In Good Company is a triple-accredited (ICF, EMCC & ILM) and award-nominated coach training business which blends guided online learning with in-person training and a wealth of resources, including a bespoke app. 

I’ve received coaching supervision from Kirsty at Firefly for three years. In that time she has supported me in exploring my personal coaching style, helping me to better understand how I can develop by learning from my coaching practice. I’ve appreciated Kirsty’s knowledge and patience and I firmly believe I’m a better coach because of the expert supervision I’ve received. I’ve also participated in group supervision from Firefly, delivered by Kirsty and Zoe. These sessions have evolved and adapted to the changing needs of a diverse range of in-house coaches. This commitment to providing sessions that reflect the needs and interest of this growing group has meant sessions have stayed fresh and relevant. Above all, the professionalism and quality of the supervision that Kirsty and Firefly have provided is reflected in the calibre of the coaching function at the GMC. Our in-house coaches are in good shape for the demands of our growing workforce and qualitative feedback from coachees reflects this.

Jane Durkin, Assistant Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, GMC