Getting the best out of your leaders.

Kirsty Maynor from Firefly browsing a book with a cup of coffee and notes on the table

Leadership profiling is an important part of the leadership development toolkit, increasing self-awareness among leaders and helping identify their strengths, what motivates them, and the conditions under which they thrive.

At Firefly, we blend a range of scientific profiling tools - including the Realise2 Strengths Profile, Leadership Circle Profile, Leadership Culture Survey, DiSC and Behavioural Propensity Profiling - with assessments and observations from our experienced team, to create highly detailed and accurate leadership profiles which form the basis for strength-based leadership development programmes.

Leadership profiling supports with:

  • Identifying your leaders’ core strengths, competencies and motivators

  • Creating conditions which amplify and capitalise on those capabilities

  • Increasing self-awareness among leaders and helping them understand how they are viewed by other members of the team

  • Ensuring their vision and guiding principles are aligned with organisational strategy

  • Accelerating leadership development

We’ll help you energise your leaders, tap into unrealised potential and maximise their effectiveness, to create long-lasting transformation in your organisation. We can offer tools and the reflective, action-oriented debrief sessions or we offer a debrief facilitation service to work in conjunction with your in-house profiling tools.

We’ve introduced Everything DiSC right across the MCA. It’s been a core platform of our transformation change programme and we chose it because it’s built on solid psychology foundations with rigorous validity and reliability testing and it uses accessible language. We’ve had a lot of success with it over the last couple of years, specifically within the Survey & Inspection Transformation Programme where the more scientific approach made it accessible to our technical managers who typically find it harder to engage with inter-personal skills development.

Head of Talent & Capability, UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency