Building coaching competence and confidence in your people leaders.

Kirsty Maynor talking to a video camera

Our mentor coaching programmes are ideal for leaders who are developing their own coaching capabilities, or for internal coaches who are new to formalised coaching relationships, or who lack the experience or confidence to perform to the best of their abilities.

Central to the Firefly approach is our collaborative methodology. Using a multi-layered framework involving reflection, practice, supervision and feedback in relation to coaching competence metrics, we work in partnership with your leaders to develop their coaching skills and build courage, confidence and competence - the “three C’s” of leadership -  equipping them with the tools they need to transform the culture in your organisation. 

The Firefly mentor coach challenged, championed and stretched us perfectly. She made it fun, yet was resolute in its importance and managed the process. They shared tips, experience and expertise - perfectly weighed and judged, her presence and attention / focus on what was going on for all of us was outstanding.

Courageous Coaching Masterclass Programme Participant