Team / Group Coaching
Transforming the dynamics

At Firefly our uniquely powerful Relationships Systems approach brings new depth and breadth to groups and teams.

We use this cutting edge development model to support and stretch people, enabling the team or group to achieve far more together, transforming the way they work. 

How our group or team coaching can help

  • Increase team effectiveness
  • Resolve ghosts in the system
  • Support your team through change
  • Create a vision for your organisation and make it work in reality
  • Respond to a crisis or breakdown
  • Tackle role issues
  • Find new ways to work together

Our deep understanding of relationships

Relationships Systems Intelligence is a way to draw on the collective wisdom of the group that flows from the dynamics of relationships between the people present - and your relationships with yourself. We help you see the systems at work, because this process of recognition and understanding helps you and your group to heal itself. This is the basis for achieving ‘generative dialogue’ - the kind of talking that goes so deep it recreates and transforms underlying thinking, enables wisdom to emerge and produces the compulsion to act.

It draws on Systems Theory, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, Co-Active Coaching and even Taoism. It’s so advanced, it’s unique in Scotland and rarely available elsewhere.

We use a variety of techniques and tools to plan the sessions. For example, we use the Leadership Culture Survey to help us diagnose what is needed, identifying many vital elements that the group coaching will address. We may use the Leadership Circle Profile as part of the process of coaching your people, identifying each leader’s creative competencies and reactive tendencies.  

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What Our Clients Say

As a result of the team coaching I think it does feel more like a team because we’ve agreed what we’re doing and what we want to be known for. We don’t go through needless debate. We know we have shared values and a shared purpose. We are more thinking of consequences and tactics rather than guessing if everyone is on the same page. I certainly feel more willing to ask for help because I specifically got the feedback that they wanted to help me. It feels liberating - not carrying it all myself.

CEO, Public Sector Organisation
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Case Studies

Scottish Ambulance Service had experienced significant changes in personnel within the Executive Team. In moving to more patient-centred service delivery, within a context of reducing public spending and aging population with more complex needs, the organisation faced considerable challenges in transforming services. 

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